Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Innane Babble of the Day...

FOR some reason today, I thought of about 5 different statuses for my Facebook profile. A lot is going through my mind. Maybe I'm feeling creative? Anywho, I thought I may as well blog my innane thoughts and get them out there and out of my head.

WE'VE had quite a lot of snow in the last couple of days. Our family just LOVES a good snowstorm. This is the first major accumulation we've had this year (unlike last year where we started with our first big snow in October and ended up with our last snow toward the end of March - tons and tons of it!). I fired up the snow blower and blew our driveway and sidewalks and a couple of the neighbors'. I really like using that thing. It's so powerful and saves SO much time and effort. Too bad we can't use it on our stairs out front!

A RANDOM consideration: wearing matched socks might be overrated.

KRISTIN has made up two words today so far: #1: She was referring to her left-over fries and chicken strips and saying that when she reheats in the microwave that they are 'gross-ious'. An aptly illustrative word! #2: She was chatting w/Ell and doing a little dance move that she made up during the conversation. Ell asked what she was doing and Kristi replied: 'A bootie-bobble'...(followed by hilarious laughter.) In the ensuing conversation, Bree called it a 'butt-bobble' - Kristin corrected her big sister (more hilarious laughter). Followed by Bree saying, 'Let's use the words 'bootie' and 'butt' as often as possible and Kristin will never stop laughing.'

OUR dryer may be near death. The back of the drum has somehow started to detach from the rest of it and it makes such a racket when it's running. It's what I imagine it might be like in a factory or in the engine of a running steam locomotive. Maytags are not what they used to be for sure. We bought it 6 years ago...apparently we bought a 5 year warranty that ran out last month. =\ The comforting thing is that I know that the Lord knows we need a dryer, so He must have a plan. We sure don't have the money to buy a new one right now.

I'M going to start attending a group called 'Fresh Start' that meets each Tuesday evening to help with working through issues of the heart. We were supposed to start tonight, but the recent snow and high winds have postponed the first meeting until next week. I'm excited to know more of Jesus and to be free from some things that have been weighing me down for sometime.

WE got a Kinnect (for Xbox360) for Christmas. It is a BLAST. We have all enjoyed using it...it's getting us all up off of the couch and up on our feet and moving! There are sports and games and dancing discs...I have very sore muscles from it. Having been very sedentary for the last few years has taken its toll. I'm so thankful for the Kinnect.