Monday, September 8, 2008

Bella the Smella & Easton the Beast ("Jooj")

This is Bella. She is 6. She eats underwear and then yaks it up. Nasty.
This is Beast sleeping with a toy in his mouth. He does this often. He uses toys almost like a baby uses a pacifier. He is soooo funny (except when he chews on Bree's sunglasses.)
"Beggar Beastie" He is a 2 y/o Boxer. (he says, "Got any crunchies?")
Joojy looking out the window at his friend and neighbor 'Sandy', the Labradoodle.
Bella in repose. She thinks she is the queen. (Maybe the queen of barf.)
Take a wild guess at who's the favorite? Anybody want a German Shorthaired Pointer?

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julie martin said...

thanks for this delightful peek into your wonderfully eclectic canine family. hey, where'd you get the name "jooj?"