Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Twenty-five Random Facts

A prompt to compose this list has been going around Facebook (apologies to fellow Facebook-ers who've seen most of this previously as '17 random things'). I thought I'd post it here too. I'd love to know twenty-five random things about those of you who are not presently on FB or who haven't posted theirs on FB yet. Send me an email with your twenty-five! Here are mine:
1. I heartily dislike dark cold winters, but love a good snowfall.
2. The person I admire most is my husband, David. He pretty much rocks.
3. I really like my butter bell. http://butterbell.com/
4. I'm HORRIBLE at most math. Except I'm good at figuring out the tip...no calculator needed.
5. Caramel has replaced chocolate in my favorites repertoire.
6. I love being near the ocean...(why am I landlocked?...oh, yeah, to be near my most amazing hubby...)
7. My home is full of deep colors - no neutrals here.
8. I paint almost all my ceilings the same color as the walls.
9. I have walked in two 'Race for the Cure's, done the running part in a team-mini-triathlon, and walked a half-marathon, and hope to do more races this year...not to win, but just to have fitness motivation.
10. I really like Listerine.
11. I stink at drawing, keeping up with housework & staying calm when our kids are hurt.
12. I really like our new French Press for coffee.
13. I play about 9 chords on the guitar and wish I owned one.
14. Stealing a line from Chariots of Fire: I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me a singer. And when I sing I feel His pleasure.
15. I gave my life to Jesus at a Bible club held at Dossin Elementary School (public), Detroit, MI, in 1969. (2nd grade)
16. Even though I've known Him for forty years now, (forty! shoo-wee!) I'm still amazed that the Lord loves me and has forgiven me.
17. I've lived in Virginia, New York, Michigan, California, Colorado & Nebraska.
18. Walnuts are part of my daily life...they are the protein in my morning oatmeal and if I have a bowl of ice cream, I love a small handful sprinkled over the top. Oh, yeah.
19. I'm thrilled and scared to death to be singing with the Omaha Symphony one night this coming summer.
20. I love art of all kinds and love to create (just don't ask me to sketch anything...see #11).
21. I hope to make a quilt someday. I've made rag quilts, but not yet a 'real' quilt.
22. That our two oldest girls are the closest of friends is one of the biggest blessings of my life.
23. Since I was little, I have been terribly motion-sick. I hate flying, riding in cars, boats, trains and playground swings, but I love rollercoasters. They do not make me sick. Go figure.
24. Not my forte: video games, tent camping, staying organized, sudoku.
25. I'm amazing at Balderdash, Speed Scrabble & Catch Phrase. Fear me.
Thanks for reading my randomness!


alanmcs said...

so fun to read, ferbaquilter! that motion-sick prone yet roller-coaster one really has me puzzled!

grandma connie said...

We sure enjoyed reading these, Deb. You are unique and interesting.
Thinking of you often, Connie.