Monday, June 28, 2010

Thankful Trumps Crabby

Missing terribly our two travelers today.

Haven't slept well for three consecutive nights (night 1: worry & prayer for Nicaragua team. night 2: tummy & chimichanga disagreement. night 3: 2 am shower for itching skin.)


Lack of motivation to do the 47.34 tasks slated for the day which include: 5 loads of laundry, water plants, wash wall to ready for painting, go for a walk, do 5 lessons in my Bible study which are due tomorrow which I should have spread out through the whole week, painting Kristin's vanity.

My bed is calling out to me: "Napping is good! Napping would solve many of your ills!"

This is one of those mornings where I am tempted to look on the dark a 'glass half-empty' girl.

I am reminded that being thankful is my one way ticket out of this land of lethargy and irritability. AND I am reminded that taking time to allow Jesus to show me His love is NEVER a bad thing. He reminds me that I am WAY too hard on myself and agreement w/Him is humilty and obedience.

YOU are my ANSWER, Lord!...not accomplishing more, sleeping more, feeling physically better. It REALLY IS all about You!!!


Becky said...

I have really enjoyed reading about your life and your perspectives. Sometimes I think the thing women like you and me are most hard on ourselves about is not "feeling" the way we think we should. Controlling feelings is like controlling the weather. Can't be done. You can still do what you need to do when the weather's not cooperative. It may be more difficult. You can deny the weather if you want, but that's just silly too. It is what it is. Sometimes though, the weather does force a situation when one can only sit and look at it. You can curse it or you can appreciate it for what it is. The thing about weather and feelings, they pass and change before you know it. The nice thing about thankfulness is that it doesn't require a feeling in order to be expressed, but often a feeling accompanies it or follows shortly after. Right now in my life, I feel down in the dumps and frustrated often. I want to feel inferior about it, but what's amazing is that God allows me to still accomplish life by just keepin' on keepin' on. Keep posting. I'm interested and enjoying it. Becky W

Deb said...

thx for your comment...i agree w/some of what you said. i also think that our mind can 'drive' our feelings. our pastor says that our mind is the train engine...our feelings are the caboose. and most of the time i think that's true. i do believe that hormones and other things factor in to the 'feeling storms' that sometimes overtake me. i also know that in the psalms, david did a lot of 'self-talk' (awake, my soul, i will praise You...etc.) i LOVE your weather illustration. i'll be thinking on that today!!!