Friday, May 9, 2008

May Knife!

Twelve years ago tonight I met a wonderful person...his name is Dan. He is the only one of our children who came ahead of his due date - one day early. THANK YOU, DAN! David and I STILL at times look at Dan and say, "Wow, we have a boy!". We had two girls first and then lost a couple of babies and thought we wouldn't have more! Surprise! Here comes little Daniel David Reno! (Kristin came a few years later...I'll tell you about that closer to June 19th.)

Dan is a lot of fun. He loves to make others laugh and he is good at it! He really loves God. He wants to know Him more. He is VERY interested in end times and what it will be like at the end of the world.

Dan loves to listen to books on cd. He has an amazing collection of Star Wars action figures. He is greatly enjoying playing Halo III these days with his dad, his sisters, his cousins, and anyone else he can get to sit down and have a go. Dan has a wonderful singing voice. He has a creative mind and a very good memory.

Sometimes Dan has a tough time sleeping. These are frustrating times for him (and sometimes for his mom and dad). He can't sleep and then he gets bummed out because he cannot sleep and then he gets a little nervous that he won't be able to sleep and....well, I think you get it. Round and round those thoughts go in his head. We have had many discussions about taking our thoughts prisoner, making them obedient to Jesus. We have talked about the fact that our minds are like airports: we cannot control what flies over, but we can control who lands on our airstrip. We have spoken at length about the faithfulness of God and how there has not been ONE night in his twelve years that Jesus has not kept His promise to grant sleep to the one He loves: Dan Reno. The discussions during these sleepless nights are so very precious to me. What an amazing seeker Dan is. His faith is great. I want to be like him.

Dan, I salute you tonight! I love being your mom. I rejoice in all God has done and can't wait to see all He will do tonight and tomorrow and next week and this summer and in the years to come. What a perfect addition to our family you are. You are a treasure! I love you. Jesus loves you a million trillion times more than me.

A Note: When Dan was quite small, we taught him his birthdate: May 9th. He could not say 'ninth'...but said 'knife'. To this day, we all love calling his birthday 'May Knife'.


julie martin said...

he sounds like a wonderful, beautiful boy. i wish i knew him! and happy "may knife" to you, oh one who was chosen to give birth to daniel david reno twelve years ago. it was a great thing God did through you that day!

Kristen said...

Way to speak life to your son. Continue on with words of life over your amazing kids!