Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Wild Idea

On Monday night I decided to paint our kitchen. Bree's graduation party (a Tea Party! - please come, we'd love to have you!) is next Thursday, the 22nd and I am looking around our home with a critical eye.

I painted our kitchen some years ago to match the vinyl floor our home came with. I'd LOVE to replace that floor...but it is not tops on the priority list at the moment. Anyway, I painted the walls of the kitchen a sort of beige- kind of the color of untanned caucasian skin...not a peachy color...maybe something akin to the original color of Silly Putty. WHY? Ew. I don't think I gave a thought to whether it was a pretty color or not, or whether I actually liked the color. I just thought that since I was 'stuck' with the floor for a while, the walls should match. I am SO over that.

Also, I found these adorable rubber stamps-big ones - at Hobby Lobby (yes, the real name of a store here...) a couple of years ago that I thought would make a cute stamped border up near the ceiling of the kitchen. It was one of those projects that I regretted as I began - it did not turn out nearly as cute as it was in my mind! Darn it. I have despised it ever since. I felt like it was tacky and have felt embarassed by it. (just not embarassed enough to do anything about it.)

SO, Bree took all the art & clock & calendar (& the name plaque Miss Joanie Ogg gave me at the end of my senior year in 1980!) & other stuff off the walls and started the cleaning process while I was at work yesterday morning. (What a diligent worker she is.) After noon we moved the fridge and cleaned under and behind it. Nasty. We washed the walls and ceiling.

We bought two gallons of paint at the nearby store we affectionately call 'He Home Depot' because the light in the 'T' at the beginning of 'The' (in the sign on the front of the store) was out for a while, came home and started painting behind the fridge - always a good place to start in case something happens that you need to hide. =)

Uh-oh. Wrong color. I wanted a sagey-grey-green. I got wedding-mint green. Sigh. Back to He Home Depot. Kathy, the paint-lady, was a DOLL. She fixed it for me with just a few squirts from her magical computerized color dispenser-machine.

During this time, Bree reminded me that Elly had a play performance for her drama class at 3:30 that I was to attend (thank you, Bree...I had forgotten!) and as I was picking up Dan and Kristin from their school, I remembered that Dan was having a couple of friends over to the house after school to practice a skit for an upcoming variety show! Bree stayed home with the skit practicers and I went and watched Elly's most excellent performance as 'Sister Toomey' in "Living with Mother Superior". Way to go, Els! ("Louder, Ramona!!")

Okay, so to make a long story short (view the play, supervise skit practice, make tacos for dinner, put Kristin to bed), I actually began painting the correct color around 8:15...Bree joined me around 9:45. We finished just before 1 this morning. It looks AMAZING! We did a really good job. Behr paint is sooooo nice. One coat did the trick. (I should get compesated for this plug.) Ahhhh. As I look in at the kitchen as I come home from work today, I am so happy! (and sleepy!)

Now all we have to do is stain & install the base boards, repaint the railings on the front steps, plant the pansies and geraniums....but first a short nap.


Brian said...

Why do I have the feeling that the Hobby Lobby is right up the street from the Piggly Wiggly?? ;-)

Deb said...
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