Monday, July 14, 2008

Sea shore

From the left: half of David's dad: Doug Reno,

David's bro in green shirt and khaki shorts: Michael Reno,

in white shirt & black shorts, David's sis: Diane Cahill,

David's mom (in blue capris) Karen Reno,

Michael's wife (our sweet sis in the green shirt): Lisa.

And at the far right, half of my better half, David!

Footprint...(is that yours, Elly?)

The very lovely, newly-8-year-old Morgan Cahill (Happy Birthday, Schmo!), our niece & the oldest little gal of the Cahills six kiddos.


julie martin said...
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julie martin said...

how fun to reach the atlantic shore!

thank you so much for sharing your giggle story! i can't believe that you, too, have a "Lord's Prayer" giggle story! but then, it doesn't really surprise me, because that's exactly the type of song during which one shouldn't giggle, making it all the more likely that one will. your story brought me a huge laugh, and made me remember some of the many times when laughter overtook the two of us. i miss you!

julie martin said...

glad you posted who these dear people are! it is fun to know something about some of your special people! i can feel how much you love them and are loved by the way you write about them.