Thursday, November 6, 2008

Post-Election Rant

The last straw was my post-election observation of a neighbor, whom I know to be staunchly Republican, flying his flag at half staff, after he took down all of his republican election support signs. COME ON! far are we going to take this?
When Fox News was announcing that Senator Obama had won the presidency at 11 on Tuesday night, I couldn't help it....I cried and cried. And cried. Then Senator McCain came on and gave SUCH a gracious and well-spoken speech, conceding the presidency. I cried some more. I am very sad and very concerned about what direction we'll go as a country. I am sorely tempted to worry. I am fighting fretting about what future our children will have as we go in this direction?
What I don't get is all the pandemonium and all the whining. Maybe it's just because I'm recovering from strep this week and my brain is fogged. Have we prayed for this election? I have. Has the Lord suddenly left the building altogether? Has our mission as the Body of Christ changed? I'm sure I must be being short-sighted and/or naive because to me it seems like everyone is completely freaking out.
I'm aware of President-elect Obama's background and the agenda he ran his campaign on. I'm aware that the house and senate are controlled by the Democrat party more than ever before in my lifetime. I'm aware that things may get rough for conservative people, that there are possibly several Supreme Court Judge seats that our President-elect will fill during his term. It's not that I'm believing we're in for a bed of roses for the next four years.
What I'm holding onto (with both hands!) is that this country was founded miraculously...that our founding fathers put their lives on the line and were supported by God himself as they strove to create a place of freedom. I know that because of the United States of America, the Gospel of Jesus has and still is spreading around the globe. I know that we, as a individuals and as a people are valuable to the Lord.
I'm grasping tightly His promises to never leave me or forsake me.
I'm thinking of the verse that says, 'Happy are the people who's God is the Lord'....
Friends, the god of this country has not been the Lord for some years now. Who are we kidding? Most of us, (even "Christians") are busy with status and power and jobs and money and appearance to make God the Lord of our lives. We have been booting the Lord out of more and more of our society. It's not too surprising that we would vote in someone with values like President-elect Obama.
Now don't get me is not that I wasn't hoping for an eleventh hour miracle...that the McCain/Palin ticket would pull out a win somehow. I was praying for a Gideon-like victory. We did not get one. And here we are. And our mission is not changed. The way Christians are known (by our love) has not changed. Most of all, Our Great God Who is the King above all gods has not changed. His love has not changed. His heart has not changed.
What needs to change is's me. It is the way I love and repent and prioritize and live.
WAKE UP CALL!! Time to get serious about my faith! Time to stop trusting in the government to save babies and take care of the poor (in a way that will actually help in the long run to give Life). Bashing our new president and new congress is not going to accomplish anything remotely constructive. I am here and the Lord's commands to be thankful for and in all things still stand. It is okay to grieve for a while, but then I'm moving on. (Are you coming with me?)


alanmcs said...

amen and amen! i coming with you, sister ferb!

i had a similar reaction to yours. i was so bummed when i heard the news (in the car on the way home from a game) but then, when i turned on the tv and heard john mccain's speech i felt strangely inspired. i felt like his humble and gracious spirit led me to support obama as my president, not that i won't object to the policies he enacts that i cannot support, but that i will refuse to believe( and almost hope for?) the worst in him so that i can smugly say "i told you so."

i am still deeply concerned, but in his speech he reached out his hand and said he wanted to be my president too. i have to take him at his word until he shows that he will ignore the will of so many of us in this country. we will see.

and regardless, you are so right, God is in control!

i hope we Christians will resist the desire to destroy him at all costs, like the liberals did to Bush. they hated him more than they loved their country and were willing to see defeat in iraq, a failing economy, etc, if it meant they could heap more blame on him. may we hope and pray for obama's success as a president, for the good of our country, and his growth as a person, for the benefit of his soul!

this has so been on my heart since the election. i'm so with you sistah!!

Brian said...

That was a lot of thoughts for one little blog. Well thought out and well-spoken. I hope God keeps fixing me so I can come with you!! ;-)