Thursday, June 12, 2008


The storms have continued and our region is reeling from the losses. Our area has lots and lots of wind damage. Many homes have been struck by lightning. Fifty-four of the ninety-nine counties in Iowa are under water. As many of you know, a Boy Scout camp just north of here, near Little Sioux, Iowa, was decimated by a tornado last night. There were nearly 100 boys, ages 13-17 there. They were the cream of the crop from many nearby states, gathering for a week of leadership training. Four boys were killed (three of them were from Omaha) and many, many injured. It is surreal - we don't know anyone personally that was there, but two of the fatalities are sons of friends of our friends. Please ask the Lord to comfort, help and heal the broken hearts that are here.

The power and devastation of these storms puts into perspective our significance and DESPERATE need of Jesus. Without Him, truly we are nothing. We look to Him, from where our help comes.

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