Saturday, June 28, 2008


Oh, my aching back! We had a violent storm blow through last night around 5 pm as David and I prepared to go out to eat to celebrate our anniversary. The weather person was saying that the storm was packing some big winds, but of our trees cracked and blew over! I was in our living room at the time and saw some movement out of the corner of my was our tree falling toward our home! It was about thirty feet tall. The trunk was 35" in circumference. We are so grateful that it missed our air conditioner, that it did not fall on our fence or our neighbor's shed, that no one was nearby to get hurt! Our damage is small, by the way, compared to many in our city.

David and our friend, Rod, did the chain saw work. Bree and Elly and I gathered the branches, broke them into manageable lengths and bundled them together. We also made a woodpile out of the future home-warming chunks (we heat our home with wood). I was surprised that it only took a couple of hours from start to finish. Amazing how small the bundles of branches look out at the street as they await Monday (trash day!). Also amazing, the very small woodpile. We worked hard (like beavers!!)...and I believe I may be sore for a couple of days. Lots of squats. Lots of lifting, stretching....probably better exercise than a boot camp!

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