Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Happenings...

We have had such a fun time this week, seeing family, eating yummy food...continuously amazed that Jesus REALLY DID come for us! If we did not know better, we'd think He was too good to be true.

The Reno/Cahill Cousins...

Da tree.

My brother, Lee & niece, Jess.

Christmas Eve table

Guitar Hero World Tour with Brandon on drums, Dylan on guitar, Dan on vocals and in the audience: Kristin, Elly, Morgan and in the back on the couch, Uncle David.

Jeff and Payton setting up the Hot Wheels track!

Ell, Kristin, Bree, Morgan

Clockwise from top: Anjali, Morgan, Alison, Kristin.

Grandpa Reno playing Wii Golf.

Michael & Lisa

Dad and Mom Reno

Jeff & Diane

Deb & David

Kristi cutie.

Strike a pose, Bree!

The birthday girl. Happy 18th, Ells!!

Rock Star: Dan

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julie martin said...

oh ferbie! it looks like you all had such a jolly time! such a great bunch of cousins. it was to see pics of all your people! and i love your red wall behind the tree! it adds such drama and pizazz! i had a plum colored wall at our old house that i loved a lot. but alas, we moved and left it there. thanks for including pics of you and dave. it makes me so happy to see your face! merry, merry Christamas week! love you!