Sunday, December 28, 2008

Afraid of the Dark

I've just realized that I've been fighting the doldrums all week. Why should I be bummed this week? Our sweet family from North Carolina has been here and we've had such a nice time visiting. Christmas is so fun! It is so nice just to be together. I took some of the kiddos sledding and had a GREAT time watching them zooming down the hill together.
So WHAT is the deal? Today I realized that I've been dreading post-holiday depression. How crazy is it to allow my fear of depression that sometimes follows the best days of the year ruin the best days of the year???
I pretty consistently have some struggles during January, February, and sometimes part of March. Nebraska has many cloudy days during that time. It tends to be more cold and dark. I wonder if my Southern California upbringing spoiled me? I DO love the sun!
I'm reminded of a time when David and I were dating long-distance. He came to California to visit me and we were having a grand time soon after his arrival...and I got to thinking that the jolliness was so temporary and started to dread his leaving, even though his visit had just begun. I told him about it and was crying and stuff...and Dave referred to Mark 2:19 where it says that while the party is happening, it is not appropriate to be sad! I have never forgotten that.
So I choose for this next week of family-time and New Year's revelry to choose to enjoy every minute and not waste a moment in fearing the future. So there.

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julie martin said...

how wonderful that you have your david's voice in your head speaking scripture's truth of old, about enjoying the party! i pray that it will be so for you this week, dear ferbafestive. let us know how it goes!