Saturday, December 13, 2008

"You Promised Never to Grow Old"

This past year, through Facebook, I have 'reunited' with many friends from the past: from high school, from Bible school, from my high school/college youth group, from the early days of our married life. It has been so good. So healing. I am amazed at the Lord's timing in all of this. Last year we 'lost' many friends through some troubles at our church and it was so very painful. I am seeing this reconnection as His kindness to me. (Thank You, Lord!)

During some of these reunions, I've been reminded of this scene from "Hook" (one of the Reno family favorite movies...)
I've grown up - surprise, surprise. I guess no one can be more surprised than me about that. And sometimes I wonder if, when people find me on Facebook, they see my pics and wonder if it can really be me. I've wondered myself a couple times when finding a friend...thinking, "Do I have the wrong Joe Schmoe?...This Joe Schmoe doesn't look like the Joe Schmoe I remember!" When looking through someone's pictures this week - I did not recognize him - I had an "oh, there you are, peter" moment! For all of you who wonder the same about me, I want to put out a bulletin: I'm still in is still me! I'm tempted to elaborate on that point, but I won't.
It's weird, when you 'leave' someone, it's like they are not allowed to grow up or grow old. Logically, it is a no-brainer: OF COURSE people grow-up and change and grow older. In our memories they don't do that, though. OF COURSE our only frame of reference is what we knew. Still, it seems I never expect people to look any different. Maybe it's because I have not had the great privilege of reuniting with many from my past and I'm not used to it.
So, I just so you know: My earthsuit is showing some wear and tear, but I'm still me.


julie martin said...

i love you no matter what happens to your earth suit!

Christos doulos said...

I am sorry for being one of those old "Joe Schmoe's". But, although it is not always the case, I am glad to see so many of the "old" friends that are still following the Lord and even growing in Him. May God bless your family this Christmas season as you celebrate the wonderful gift of grace God gave to us when He sent His Son to take our place.

Joy Nelson said...

My earthsuit is showing some wear & tear as well, Deb. Thanks for reminding me that it's who I am inside that really counts. Could you remind me on a regular basis from now on? Just kidding! I forget why I'm valuable, not just to God, but to people too, on a daily basis. Thanks for your willingness to show that you are less than perfect. It makes you so "loveable".